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The tax and accounting portal FinD-INFO provides a collection of information, updated daily, that spans several sources in the field of taxation, accounting and finance, including legal acts and standards, advice, opinions and professional articles, court decisions from Slovenia and EU, template documents used to manage internal operations of business, forms and other data needed to fulfill daily accounting obligations.

The main advantage of the portal is the interconnectivity of information, which enables users to navigate among different types of content. For example, a user needs only a click to move from the source of a certain article to the article itself or other related content. This interconnectivity offers a comprehensive knowledge on a working problem, as well as the professional field at whole.

The FinD-INFO portal provides users with day-to-day information on all amendments of legal acts in their fields, which is complemented with relevant content published daily and a reminder feature integrated into the organizer of amendments and reporting obligations. FinD-Alert is another tool which alerts users on a daily basis about all amendments, updates and publications in their selected area of concern and also provides to all registered users a free e-Weekly, published weekly.

To complement the information on the portal and to also offer users an insight into the fine details of certain subject, we organize webinars (online seminars) covering amendments of legal acts and news in the tax and accounting fields of interests.

Portal content includes legislation concerning the tax, finance, accounting and business sectors, as well as other content frequently used by finance professionals in their daily activities. These include:
- Over 2000 professional articles and advice by a number of authors and institutions
- Over 100 accounting templates
- Slovenian (SAS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS) accompanied with clarifications and positions to the standards
- Clarifications and opinions issued by Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
- Fundamental accounting acts and statement templates
- Statistical data, charts and other tools – for example an organizer for daily reporting obligations and simple calculations (salaries, child allowances, contracts for work or services, copyright contracts, etc.)

From a practical perspective the FinD-INFO portal offers the user a complete basis to make tax charges, to record/manage events according to SAS and IAS and to find answers to a number of day-to-day questions concerning the application of tax legislation, recording of accounting events and management of the enterprise.

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